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Design focused
Web Developer
in New Zealand

I enjoy keeping up to date with the evolving changes in the world of Web Development.

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About Me

Welcome to my page! I am Aya Ogihara.
I am a web developer with a background in customer service and I am always open to freelance, and collaborating opportunities in Auckland area or remotely.

When I was in Japan, I was a kimono dressmaker and was deeply interested in Japanese tradition. Moving abroad, my interest has shifted from tradition to the future, and I am fascinated by the wonderfulness of technology, which I believe is a symbol of the future.

I have an artisanal spirit and I am interested in web development that allows bringing both the technical and visual aspects of digital products to life. I enjoy keeping up to date with the continuous changes in the world of technology.

I consider myself an advocate for change with an open-mind to ideas for further growth. I am also excellent at collaborating with stakeholders, clients, and designers and enjoy working in a highly collaborative and supportive work environment.

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nzWine top page


Full-stack Development

The application is a full-stack web application project adapting MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) stack, and it provides users with access to information about different New Zealand wine regions and wines.

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Native Application Development

Chichat is a chat app for mobile devices which is developed using React Native and Expo. The app provides users with features such as a chat interface and let user send images and their location.

meet top page


React Development

The application is a serverless, progressive web application (PWA) built with React and developed by using a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach.
The application uses the Google Calendar API to fetch upcoming events.

my flix top page


MERN Development

The application was built by using full-stack JavaScript technologies with authentication and authorization features.
It provides movies information (title, genre, director, description, etc.…) and allows users to register, update their profile and add/delete their favourite movie lists.


Feel free to contact me and I will respond within 24 hours